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The internet has opened the gates to learning for more people than ever before. Not only are there hosts of tutorials and seminars to attend, read, and watch online, but there are also real educational materials that can lead to certification at the end. Here are some of the top courses available to UK learners, both by UK educators and through international learning platforms that can help you gain the qualifications you deserve.

Diploma in Digital Photography

This diploma is available from Alison, one of the fastest growing e-learning platforms on the internet, providing accredited training courses from educators across the globe. This course, published by Advance Learning, offers a comprehensive education on the use of digital cameras, the technology that leads to advanced photography, and professional techniques like bracketing, hyperfocal distance, and spot metering. It also includes some elements of photoshop learning to help edit and finish professional quality photos, with a printable diploma available to buy after completing the course.

Level 2 Counselling Skills

Distance Learning Courses is a UK distance learning and e-learning platform based in the UK, with courses published from a wide range of awarding bodies and educational institutions. Their free Level 2 Counselling Skills course acts as beginner’s course to a career in counselling, including counselling skills and theories, diversity and ethics in counselling, personal development, and more.

The course takes 8 weeks to complete with 2 written assessments, with a certification awarded by Cache, a non-profit that invests in high quality qualifications for the care and education industry in the UK.

Health & Social Care Training Courses

This broad series of courses, available from Mandatory Training Group, providers a comprehensive Care Certificate Standard education. Overall, they cover a wide range of skills essential for anyone looking to get further into a health & social care career, including safeguarding adults, basic life support, subjects on mental health, dementia & learning disabilities, and much more. Many of the courses in this series are completely free to learn, helping you acquire some skills, while others do require a fee. So, if you find the first courses worthwhile, you can pay to complete the certification.

Diploma in Plumbing Studies

For those aiming to get into a plumbing career but without the experience or education they need to become an apprentice, this Diploma in Plumbing Studies from Alison can act as the quick introduction that you need. Published US AID, this 10-15-hour course covers many concepts in plumbing, including parts and tools used, materials, the components of drainage systems, and so on.

While it offers no practical plumbing experience, it is well supplemented with DIY tutorials online, and the diploma can serve as the perfect qualification to find and join an apprenticeship.

Supporting Successful Learning In Primary School

Future Learn ins another online learning platform, primarily focused in the UK, offering free digital courses from a range of colleges and universities across the nation. For those looking to become a teaching assistant, their Supporting Successful Learning In Primary School course, from the University of Reading, could be just what you need.

There is also a Supporting Successful Learning In Secondary School course available on the website as well. Covering topics such as how people learn, the environment for learning, and the use of communication and language in educational environments, it can pay the way for start in any teaching career.

Business Management

Endorsed and published by the Oxford Home Study Centre, this Business Management course can be the educational stepping stone needed to rise to management positions in the company you work in. It also provides education on topics invaluable to those starting their own business, as well, including classes on HR Management, Performance Management, and an introduction to marketing techniques and approaches.

This short course lasts 20 hours, overall, and is ongoing, meaning there is no deadline for enrolment. At the end of the course, OHSC sends the certificate out to your address for free.

Essential IT Skills Level 2

A good course for those who have a baseline understanding of IT already but wish to gain the IT skills sought after by most employers, including some more advanced use of Microsoft Office programs. The Essential IT Skills Level 2 course is provided by Vision2Learn, another well-respected UK based online education platform, and goes into topics such as word processing software, presentation software, spreadsheet software, and improving productivity using IT.

It’s a good course for those who wish to keep up-to-date with the IT skills necessary for a modern career, as well as for those who may wish to work in IT but need qualifications to help them advance to more advanced topics.

Bridging the Dementia Divide

This short course, made free by the University of Derby, is a good fit for those who already have some education in health and social care or experience as a caregiver, but are looking to specialise their career. In particular, Bridging the Dementia Divide can help those who are hoping to provide dementia care services.

Their courses are recognised by the Dementia Action Alliance, meaning that they can prove useful to show you have the skills necessary to provide care to those living with memory conditions.

Internet Marketing

For those looking for a career in marketing or simply to start their own business, understanding the digital world is becoming more and more important. This Internet Marketing short course is published and endorsed by the Brentwood Open Learning College, focusing on the skills and tools used to create an internet marketing plan, with a free accreditation provided by email that can be printed off.

This free introductory course serves as a preparatory education to their more extensive Online Internet Marketing Certificate, as well.

Professional Development for Early Career Teachers

We have already looked at a course that can help those who are looking to take their steps into an education career, helping them learn what they need to become a teaching assistant. This Professional Development For Early Career Teachers course, published on Future Learn with certification from the University of East Anglia, is geared for those already in a teaching career.

It addresses reflective practice, workload management, behaviour management of pupils, the use of assessment of learning strategies, and approaches to different challenges throughout a teaching career. An effective course for helping teachers find advancement and more competitive positions.

Customer Service Level 2

A course that can help both those looking to advance in customer facing roles in the retail industry, as well as small business owners, the Customer Service Level 2 course from Vision2Learn lasts for 9 to 11 weeks, with a nationally accredited qualification provided at the end of it.

In the course, different subjects are covered, including methods of communication, how to handle customer data, methods of promoting and evaluating products and services, and more. It also addresses the impact of customer service on the organization as a whole, making it a key course for those running their own business.

Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

This course can helpful for those who are in roles in education, counselling, or health & social care, especially those who want to advance their career and work in this more specific field. Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties is provided by The College of Bournemouth & Poole and offers a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification on completion.

It covers subjects such as the effects, diagnosis and support needed for those living with specific learning disabilities like ADHA, dyslexia, and dyscalculia which affect around 15% of all people in the UK.

Food and Hygiene in the Catering Industry

Anyone looking to begin working in restaurants, catering businesses, and other food service markets will need to demonstrate a working knowledge of professional standards in hygiene and safety.

The same naturally goes for those wishing to start a business in the catering or hospitality industry. As such, this course from Alison and published by NuYew, can provide an essential skill for those seeking advancement in many different careers.

It involves learning about food-borne illnesses, ways to prevent food-related illnesses, and how to control bacterial growth in a catering setting.

Programming 101

Supported by Google and created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in association with the National Centre for Computing, Future Learn offers one of the best programming courses you’re going to find online, without a doubt. This introduction to Python teaches one of the most ubiquitously used coding languages around, teaching those who take the course how to create their own program and learn basic programming concepts that they can further practice in their own ongoing education.

While not likely to provide the coding skills necessary for advanced careers, it can serve as the stepping stone needed to win a place on more involved courses.

Nutrition and Health Level 2

Those in health and social care careers, as well as caregiving careers, can benefit from understanding the positive impact that good nutrition and diet can have on the health of those they work with. As such, this Nutrition and Health course from Vision2Learn, providing a Level 2 certification, can add valuable skills to their repertoire.

Beyond basic nutrition, it also covers how age affects nutritional needs, eating disorders, and practical techniques for effective weight management, as well as principles of food safety for the home environment.

End Of Life Care Level 2

Another course from Vision2Learn and another course that can be essential for those looking to progress in caregiving and health and social care careers. In particular, the End of Life Care Level 2 course can provide the understanding of end of life needs necessary for work in the field of palliative care.

It looks into subjects such as care planning, pain management, dementia end of life care, as well as how loss and grief can affect those you work with in end of life care, and your role throughout the process.

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